On Quality

renaissance costumesCompetition is always an important factor. Every day retailers must make decisions on how to meet the challenges offered to them in the most practical and efficient manner.

My promise to you as a supplier is to offer the best competitive advantage while maintaining the highest product integrity I can. However, quality costs – and MLH will never be the lowest-priced supplier, because we do not use lowest cost materials or construction. What I do offer is the highest quality materials, artisan quality construction and the best product possible for this price. I promise to always offer the best combination of product, service and price. In other words, you can always find a better price but not a better value.

Product Quality

Many customers assume a certain level of product quality. A bodice is a bodice is a bodice they may say. That’s not necessarily the case. Vast differences exist between materials, construction techniques and domestic vs. overseas manufacturing. Every garment and costume sold here is the result of years of testing for fit, fabric and durability; local manufacturing and high standards. I believe that the best quality speaks for itself – and wins repeat customers for you.

Service Quality

Running your business is difficult enough – who needs a complicated purchase process? My company simplifies things for you by offering convenient order placement, timely order acknowledgment, low minimums, quick turnaround of orders, and simple terms and conditions. I also provide a real person to talk to on the phone when you have questions.

I want to help you succeed, and know that you must be flexible in how you do business. For instance, while I take pride in my standard programs, I also offer customized programs tailored to meet your needs. This includes quantity breaks, private-label programs, blanket orders, dedicated stock, drop shipments, joint marketing or sales efforts, or any number of other details important to you. Please tell me what you need and I will do my best to accommodate that request. I will offer customized solutions to fit your needs. I will make it simple and easy for you to do business.

Price Quality

renaissance and pirate hatsSelling the best quality is never the lowest price, the fastest buck or the easiest way to serve your market. It involves building relationships with the customers that take effort to develop. I would like to develop that kind of relationship with you.

The upside is that selling a product with integrity makes a difference to your customers and to your reputation over the long run. I make every effort to bring you the best price possible and maintain product integrity. For example, I have lowered prices on several products this year due to efficiencies of manufacturing. You are welcome! I will always make sure that the product I offer can utilize keystone markup and remain competitive in the product niche.

I look forward to building a great working relationship with you and helping you succeed in business.